Nick Carter has a Story to Tell


A very hot looking Nick Carter is in the news telling his story about his 10 year battle with drugs and alcohol. What finally helped Nick beat his addictions was a very scary health diagnosis that could have killed in. Nick had gotten himself into a bad situation, partying hard, drinking, doing drugs and eating himself to an all time high of 224 pounds. Last spring while on tour with his band The Backstreet Boys, he was just feeling overall fatigue as well as experiencing some mild chest discomfort.  So he met with a cardiologist in Florida and received the news that he had cardiomyopathy.


Cardiomyopathy is basically a weakening of the heart muscle. The 10 years of abusing his body with drugs and alcohol is what let to this devastating diagnosis. Cardiomyopathy, in the worst case scenario can lead to the patient needing a transplant or can even be fatal. Both Barry Gibb and Chris Penn died of the disease at a very young age and very unexpectedly. This was the wakeup call that Nick Carter needed to get himself sober and healthy. Nick said “I don’t want to die. I don’t want to be that person people read about and think, ‘that’s’ sad that he couldn’t stop and it killed him.” Well good for you Nick Carter because we want you around for a long time. And you have got to see the new and improved healthy Nick. He looks great and has a killer bod. He went from 224 pounds to 167 and he is in the best shape ever. Now get the rest of the guys together and get back on the road.