Manny Ramirez, the Mets ARod?

Yesterday must have been a slow news day on the MLB scene. The only thing ESPN had to offer was a blurb about Joe Torre and his depiction of Alex Rodriguez in his new tell-all book about his time with the New York Yankees and the fact that Jerry Manuel would not mind having Manny Ramirez in the New York Mets outfield. Rather ho hum stories I thought, but then I began to make some connections and thought: why would Manuel want Ramirez?

General consensus is that Manny Ramirez single-handedly carried the Los Angeles Dodgers pitiful offense after the Red Sox just became to worn down to deal with the Manny-tude. The Dodgers did make the playoffs and much of it was thanks to Ramirez hitting an obscene .396, with 17 home runs and 53 RBI in just 53 games.

I personally think Ramirez should have won the MVP despite the fact that he only played a third of his season in blue at Dodger Stadium. Still, I think that the Mets would be foolish to pick him up. Why? Well just look at ARod. Manny may not be a poser like Rodriguez, but he is definitely a problem behind close doors.

The Yankees, despite having a payroll over $200 million, could not win a World Series. Before the Yanks had ARod they won four World Series and lost two more in eight seasons, but after he arrived the Yankees could rarely make it beyond the first round. There are sure to be other factors, but a $28 million cry prima donna cannot be a tiny issue.

Luckily for Mets fans the front office has not even considered the move. It probably helps that Ramirez wants to be the highest paid baseball player in the league at 37.

I think of players like ARod and Manny Ramirez as the personification of steroids. They give you an incredible boost in the short term, but in the long run the long-consequences are detrimental.

The New York Mets outfield is looking a little thin with Daniel Murphy and Ryan Church penciled in on the corners. Church is a solid vet while Murphy is coming off an impressive performance in limited action in 2008. With the Philadelphia Phillies playing to three-peat as NL East champions and repeat as World Series champions, I can understand the desire to add another high profile player.

Mets fans enjoying the first season at Citi Field should be comforted to know that they have first baseman Carlos Delgado, third baseman David Wright, and centerfielder Carlos Beltran to carry the load. If anything, I would think Manuel would want to add another pitcher.

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