New Parents Welcome OCTUPLETS


I have one word for you – DIAPERS!!!!! Oh my goodness, today a woman gave birth to 8 babies near Los Angeles!! This is only the second time EVER that this has happened and the first time one of the babies ended up dying after a week. That was back in 1998 and now things are very different, and so far the babies seem to be doing quite well. I am practically hyperventilating for this woman. Yes it is an amazing thing that she grew 8 babies in her body but the reality of caring for them honestly seems like impossibility. I can’t stop thinking of the basics of caring for an instant family of 8 – especially newborns. One baby is overwhelming and difficult enough, add 7 more babies to feed, diaper, bathe and rock. Think of just getting those babies dressed and undressed. How will they fit into a car, much less taking them in and out of those pumpkin seats and strollers? How about dr. appointments, and going out to dinner. How about clothing and homework and taking the family to a movie? Ok ok I am getting ahead of myself but see, I said I was hyperventilating for them. 


Here are the details that we know so far and that isn’t all that much. The new family includes 6 boys (ok that right there is enough to put anyone over the edge) and 2 girls, ranging from 1 pound 8 oz. to 3 pounds 4oz.Currently all the babies are doing well and are in stable condition. The babies were 9 weeks premature and because of that they will remain in the hospital for several weeks.  The babies were delivered via c- section by a team of 46 doctors and get this…the couple thought they were having 7 babies, baby #8 was a complete surprise. At this point the parents have not been identified and there are no pictures or names yet for the babies. IT seems pretty obvious that some type of fertility treatment took place but it has not been shared what actually took place.
It will be interesting to watch this story unfold and get to meet these new babes. I hope this family likes reality TV because I am sure they are going to need some financial help to support their new brood. Just ask “Jon and Kate plus 8” – it surely can’t hurt to have the world fall in love with your kids.