Kelly Osbourne back in Rehab


Well it’s a shame, but no big surprises here, Kelly Osbourne checked back into rehab this week. At the age of 24, this is already the 3rd time she has been to rehab. Kelly checked herself in for a 30 day stay at an undisclosed location, although one possibility is a place in Oregon. Her publicist says she needs to “address some personal issues” and that is all that is really known at this point. Her family stands by her and is glad to see she is getting the help that she needs. About 5 years ago, Kelly was dealing with a pain killer addiction and was treated at the Promises rehab facility in California.


Currently Kelly has been working for a British radio show where ironically she gives life advice to young adults. Hmmmm…not sure I would want my children getting advice from her. Kelly rose to fame during the reality show her family did on MTV, “The Osbournes”. She has since attempted to launch her own music career but that has not gone very well either. This week Kelly was actually arrested for allegedly slapping a gossip columnist who had some not so nice things to say about Kelly’s fiancé. So it seems to have been a troubling week for Kelly but hopefully her stay in rehab will help her get it all straightened out. We wish you luck in there Kelly. For now Ozzy Osbourne and the rest of the family are busy getting ready for their next big endeavor, a new variety show that they are currently shooting for FOX called, “Osbournes Reloaded.” I am sure if they are involved it will be very interesting to say the least.