Babies and Breakups


First off, congratulations to Allison Sweeney, from The Biggest Loser, on the birth of her new daughter on Monday. Also nice job with the baby name, I am sure your daughter will appreciate a nice, pretty, normal name. Baby Sweeney is named Megan Hope, and she joins her 3 year old brother Ben. The Affleck’s however went a bit unusual with their new baby girl who also joins a 3 year sibling, Violet. Baby Affleck born in Los Angeles on January 6th, will be called Seraphina Rose. In other baby news, Carnie Wilson has shared the name of her new baby with the world while appearing on “The Bonnie Hunt Show”. Here is the thing, Carnie is not even due for another 5 months! She revealed that her new baby girl will be named Luciana, but they will call her Lucy. She will also join 3 year old sister, Lola. Chris Gorham from Ugly Betty welcomes baby number 3, this time a girl who joins a family of boys. Their new baby girl is named, Alondra. And last but not least 22 year old singer, Charlotte Church, named her newborn boy, Dexter – urgh!

Now onto breakups and there were a several this past week. American Idol sweethearts, winner David Cook, from season 7, and season 3 contestants Kimberly Caldwell, have officially called it quits. The two had been dating since May 2008. Katy Perry is also a sad girl; she recently broke up with her boyfriend Travis McCoy. Katy starts touring again January 23, so hopefully that will be a good distraction for her.   Another break up is a TV break up – newbie Melissa George, who plays Sadie Harris, a young resident on the show “Grey’s Anatomy” will be leaving in February. She says it was her choice to not pick up the option to become a series regular and she is leaving on good terms. Ahhh…an amicable break up.  And lastly, Amy Winehouse and her husband have started divorce proceedings on the grounds of her infidelity.  The two have been on and off again, but Amy’s soon to be ex swears that this time it is really over.  That is the news from Hollywood.