Random Thoughts on the NBA and ESPN

So I am simply obsessed with ESPN and the NBA, and that adoration is tied into one blinding vision that ties the two into one. I am like a giddy little girl who just found out daddy sprung for Jonas Brothers tickets. Really, I think “Mayne Street” is genius. The offbeat humor is enough to make me want to buy his book, even if the show is shameless self-promotion for his book An Incomplete and Inaccurate History of Sport.

Most of the commercials are annoying, but I like the updates and the game recaps. I also have become enamored with the Chris Paul commercials. This kid is the greatest thing to happen to the Hornets organization since Larry Johnson and Grandma-ma.

Paul is the latest likeable star. I revel in the death of the Latrell Sprewell era. No more coaches being choked. No more pouting over the lack of ludicrous contract offers. Yes, Dwayne Wade and LeBron James were the beginning

Steve Nash was the white boy that made it safe for every suburbanite father to dig a hole and erect an adjustable basketball hoop for his kids. He may raise it up to eight feet and pretend he can dunk, but at the end of the day he has to lower it back to six feet so his six-year-old can fling an undersized ball at the rim.

I am happy that James can invigorate an entire city to suddenly desperately want Cavalier tickets. Networks like ABC, ESPN, and TNT are fighting as hard to show games at Quicken Loans Arena. I get to watch as many Cavs games now as Lakers and Celtics games.

Those two best teams in the league are also fun to watch. The San Antonio Spurs were a great balanced club, but they were also dreadfully dull to watch. The Los Angeles Lakers have a new version of Showtime with post players with as tremendous of vision as most guards in the league.

Boston has three stars who struggled for years, but finally banded together to take the league by storm and threatening the Bulls win record. Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen are three veterans who have had incredible individual careers, but began to play like the dominant Celtics of old that won eight straight championships.

All I want now are NBA tickets and all I want to watch every minute of everyday is Sportscenter and ESPN.