Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez Valetines Day Surprise


I have to say I am shocked to hear the rumors swirling about Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony again, but this time it sounds like it may be true, the couple is planning to divorce. What a shame, I really thought this was it for the both of them and they were really going to make it work this time. They seemed so happy and in love as far as Hollywood romances go.


Here is what seems to be adding fuel to the fire. First of all, the rumor mill has been chatting up trouble for the two for awhile now, stating that things just haven’t been the same between the two lately. Most recently, J – Lo was seen at the Los Angeles premiere of the movie, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, without her wedding ring and Marc Anthony has been spotted around hot spots in New York and Las Vegas also without his ring.
Now are you ready for this?? In pure Hollywood fashion the couple has already planned how they are going to share the news with the world. Rumor has it, that Jennifer is going to join Marc onstage for a duet during his Madison Square Garden concert and that after the concert, which is on February 14th, they will announce their impending divorce. Is that a bit theatrical or what??? It wouldn’t be the first time they shared big news with concert goers. It was at a sold out show in Miami that J-Lo officially revealed that she was pregnant with twins. So much for secrets in both cases!
The couple has been married for just over 4 years so I guess in Hollywood terms it is time to give up and move on. The couple’s twins, Max and Emme are not even a year old yet. They seemed to have it all; fame, fortune, family, and still they just couldn’t make it work. Better luck next time guys.