Bryan Adams heads to Canada


Bryan Adams is about to extend his tour yet again and this time it’s for the Canadians benefit. Adams is currently finishing up his tour in the southern U.S. and is going to spend February and March touring throughout Canada in places like Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg. Adams has been doing something unique throughout his tour and he is going to continue it while in Canada. He is actually going to be breaking up the tour into 2 parts. Part 1 takes place in February and for that he is going to do acoustic performances and then come March he will go back to the full – band arena tour. The acoustic tour is not new for him because that is what his final 11 shows in the U.S. will be as well as what he has done at different times along the whole tour. Adams says that playing “a song like, Cuts like a Knife” on acoustic guitar is quite different then hearing it with a full band”. He feels that seeing the show in the acoustic version “will give some insight into the songwriting, and it shows that some of the new songs blend in. It’s like one solid body of work”.


Bryan Adams continues to be one of the oldies but goodies. His tour has been centered on promoting his newest album, “11”, but the concert includes some of his greatest hits like, Summer of 69, (Everything I do), I do it for you, and of course, Cuts like a Knife. Over the years Adams has sold more then 65 million albums and has toured 6 continents. He has also been nominated for Grammys, Golden Globes and even Academy Awards.

So Adams is going back home to his fellow Canadians and you can be sure he is going to put on a great show for them.