The NFL Least Valuable Players Are…

The NFL Season is 14 weeks old and the experts are talking about who is the most value player. I hear names like Kurt Warner, Eli Manning, and Drew Brees. I hear about a couple of running backs named Adrian Peterson and Michael Turner and a safety called Troy Polamalu. I do not hear talk of who is the least valuable player, though.

The least valuable player is not a guy who is number 53 on the roster or a star who has been injured and unable to put up decent numbers. No the least valuable player (LVP) is just somebody that has not performed remotely as well as was expected.

Sure the league has players like Tony Romo on the Dallas Cowboys and Peyton Manning on the Colts, but it also has players like Jason Campbell and David Garrard. The Washington Redskins were supposed to finally develop into a consistent offense.

The Redskins may have won seven games so far, but this is mostly because Clinton Portis is still an amazing back. Campbell has simply not made the necessary to take advantage of Santana Moss and Antwaan Randle El. The Redskins may not have the best receivers in the league, but they are more than capable of scoring more than 12 touchdowns over the course an NFL season.

David Garrard was never supposed to be a rock star at quarterback, but the Jacksonville Jaguar was supposed to be able to manage a game. I know he has absolutely no help at wide receiver and the offense is often based on a three tight end set to take advantage of the dangerous duo of Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew. He is perhaps the one quarterback I could not blame for only throwing 11 touchdowns. I cannot excuse the 10 picks though. His yards per attempt are pitiful as well at 6.71. Basically, he is not helping a running offense control the ball with giveaways and a failure to convert passing third downs.

Not all the candidates are young quarterbacks. There are also a few receivers. These guys are named Randy Moss and Terrell Owens. These players have a reputation for big egos and big flaws. Randy Moss is a big play receiver that is too much of a premadonna to go over the middle. Last season he was amazing. He had 98 receptions, 1493 yards, and 23 touchdowns. This season, with Tom Brady gone he has 61 catches, 841 yards, and eight touchdowns.

When a young quarterback steps in you have to help out. That means stop dropping passes (the NFL says he only has 5 for the year, but it feels like that is a very soft number) and go over the middle to catch something. The Patriots season was not over after Brady collapsed. The whistle did not blow. Keep playing.

Terrell Owens has no problem going over the middle. He does have problems catching the ball and getting along with teammates. Now he has hardly been the only Dallas Cowboys player complaining or disappointing, but he certainly has played worse than almost any other receiver being paid the big bucks. He has 55 catches through 13 games. The last time his numbers looked this bad were in 2005 when he was injured and in 1996 when he was a rookie playing in the slot. His yards per reception and touchdown number look alright, but a gander at his game log has the man with only one game with more than 100 yards.

The rumor is that a love triangle worthy of a CW production has begun in Dallas. Owens is now jealous that Romo has found a relationship with Jason Whitten. Owens has allegedly said the two road roomies are making plans among themselves. T.O. has truly lost his mind. If he really wants to make up with Romo ad become the number one target in his eye then get open and catch a d*mn ball.

Until then he is the front runner for LVP. Feel free to comment, call me a big jerk, or even put up your own nominees. I am sure I missing at least one player per team.