Who Would Ever Have Thought a Ventriloquist Would be Funny

It is no secret that geek chic has taken over. Shows like Chuck and sassy smart girls in glasses are all the rage. It is also no mystery that the ‘80s are back. Excess is king, Madonna is back on tour, and the Celtics have played the Lakers in the finals.

It only makes sense that something would develop in comedy that would combine the two. That combination is Jeff Dunham. Apparently this guy has been around since the ‘80s and got the nod from legend maker Johnny Carson in 1990. He is a comedian and a ventriloquist. I have only known ventriloquism as a something misguided children take up in desperate pleas for attention that most often ends up with the doll broken and the kid beat up.

While I am sure Dunham was beat up as a child and a young adult and a 20-something, I think he has enough imagination and a sense of humor, he has become a sensation. Comedy Central crowned him the number one comedian on Stand-Up Showdown and he has been named the Funniest Male Stand-Up Comic by the American Comedy Awards. I watched a few of his acts on YouTube and was actually pretty impressed.

I like the traditional straight-man, dead terrorist gag he can pull off without being too offensive because, well the terrorist is dead…and a puppet.