Macy’s Thanksgiving Day PArade


As always the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade did not disappoint. Young and old came out very early to get a spot along the 2.5 mile route that went from Central Park to the front of Macy s main downtown store. Over 3.5 million people were in attendance while 50 million people watched from the comfort and warmth of their own homes. There were hundreds of clowns and acrobats and cheerleaders. There were 10 amazing marching bands from across the country and 28 spectacular floats. Then, my personal favorites – the big balloons. There were 31 small ones and 13 giant ones.  There was Shrek, Buzz Lightyear (it was his first time at the parade), Horton the elephant (from Dr. Seuss, “Horton Hears a Who”), Kermit, Snoopy, and SpongeBob to name just a few. Each of the giant amazing balloons requires more then 5,000 cubic feet of helium. And if you can believe it, at the end of the parade all of that helium was actually recovered and recycled to be sold for next year. Pretty cool huh?


One of the coolest parts is that the parade shines the spotlight on several of the top Broadway productions that are such a huge part of the New York culture. This year the casts of the “Little Mermaid”, “South Pacific”, “Hair”, “In the Heights” and “Irving Berlins White Christmas” were all featured.
This year there was a special performance by Rick Astley; remember him from the 80’s? He performed his hit song “Never Gonna Give You Up”, plus Miley Cyrus was riding atop one of the floats. And of course no Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade would be complete without the Rockettes. As always they were fabulous.
This parade has been around for 80 years and just keeps getting better and better. IT is just a good time for all whether you are there in person or watching from home.