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Blink 182 tickets are concert tickets to see this reunited pop punk band as they return to the stage armed with a soon to be released new album. Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge, and Travis Barker have been busy in 2011, recording a new album and scheduling a busy tour itinerary, beginning with the Honda Civic tour with My Chemical Romance from August to October, continuing with a brief Canadian tour with Rancid and Against Me, and ending with a European tour next summer.

blink-182 (formerly known as blink) is a Southern-Californian pop punk band that was formed in 1992 by Tom Delonge and Mark Hoppus. Along with Green Day, they are credited for starting the post-grunge pop-punk revolution.

blink-182 is made up of three members: Thomas (Tom) Matthew DeLonge on guitar, Markus (Mark) Allan Hoppus on bass, and Travis Landon Barker on drums. The band is known for playing catchy melodies as well as for their satirical toilet humor. blink-182 are unusual amongst punk rock bands for playing up-tempo songs in a major key, with prominent major-chord harmonies that are usually digitally mixed to provide a much cleaner sound than most other punk/rock recordings, which generally employ distortion and a ragged analogue mix to achieve the opposite effect. The lyrical content of their songs is humorous and often uplifting.

In 1992, when Hoppus moved to San Diego, California and was thinking of starting a band, he was introduced to Delonge. They decided that they needed to look for a drummer, and DeLonge discovered Scott Raynor at his school who played drums. After considering a number of names (such as Duct Tape) the band agreed to call themselves just 'blink. This would later have the numbers 182 added onto the end to avoid legal conflicts with an existing Irish band called blink.
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California skate-punk trio Blink 182 employs a snappy mix of punk-pop and humor that turned on a whole new generation of rock fans too young to have fully appreciated Green Day's initial impact. These third (or fourth) generation punks became the linchpin of an entire movement; any late '90s/early '00s kid whose life revolved around skateboarding, the Vans Warped tours, and multiple body piercings probably had a place of honor in their collection for the colorfully titled ENEMA OF THE STATE and TAKE OFF YOUR PANTS & JACKET.

2005 was set to be a busy year for blink. In the midst of a European tour, Geffen records had them scheduled to release another album, as well as a fifth and final single from the untitled album. However, on February 21, 2005, the band announced that they would not be able to play at the "Music For Relief" Tsunami benefit show in Anaheim, California due to 'unexpected circumstances'. The following day it was stated on the band's official website that they would take an indefinite break in order to spend more time with their close friends and loved ones. The statement has since been removed.

Band member Travis Barker confirmed during a recent interview on KROQ that they are taking a rest from their normal activities, and that they are focusing on some alternative projects: DeLonge will continue directing music videos, Hoppus will be producing records, and Barker will be busy with the Transplants and this summer's Warped Tour. In addition to this, the beginning of 2005 marked the premiere of Barker's own reality TV show, called "Meet The Barkers". In a similar fashion to previous MTV reality TV shows (such as "The Osbournes") "Meet The Barkers" features all the members of the Barker family in their day-to-day activities.

In an interview held with MTV News, Mark Hoppus announced that he and Travis Barker were working on a side-project called Plus 44, that Carol Heller (of So-Cal punk band Get The Girl) would be in the band, and also that a CD release is expected in Autumn 2005. In a recent interview with 'Drum! Magazine' Travis Barker stated that the band 'probably, most likely' will make a new record in January 2006.
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