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If you are ready to experience the next generation in hard rocking, then you need to get your tickets to see the Swedish band Blindside! This hot new outfit has been wowing music lovers all across the globe and has even found a set of admiring fans in the legendary band P.O.D. Their unique sound and positive messages have made them one of the foremost Christian Hardcore bands on the planet.

The band was formed in 1994 and was originally known as Underfree, a name under which they performed till about 1996. The following year, the record company Solid State records were so impressed with the band that they immediately signed them on- this is when the band changed their name to Blindside. Their first album did exceptionally well because of its raw edged punk feel that was reminiscent of bands like Mr. Bungle and P.O.D.

The band released their second studio album in 2000 but the record company was not impressed with record sales and decided to terminate their contract. P.O.D was a huge help to the band, helping them to get signed under Elektra and the band released some work under the name 3 Points- the album was a breakthrough in musical innovation and in the way it meshed the melody of lead singer Christian Lindskog's voice with a crunching, chugging instrumental.
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In 2003 the band toured with Hoobastank to promote another album but decided to call it quits with Elektra the following year. During this time, the band truly stretched their musical barriers, including elements of jazz and even yodeling into their music. With the help of their fan backing and the backing of P.O.D, the band has been able to do well, selling out five headlining shows. Their most recent album is considered to be the band's most experimental and inspiring album to date.

Don't miss your chance to party with these international rock stars- get in touch with your online ticket vendor today and find out how you can score tickets to see Blindside live in concert!

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