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If you are looking for some Christian metal, buy your Blessthefall tickets today! Nobody matches the music and sound of this unique band, playing for God in their artistic styles.

Guitarist Mike Frisby, drummer Matt Traynor, bassist Jared Warth, and vocalist Craig Mabbitt met together in high school, practicing together and forming the band Blessthefall. Eric Lambert was added and the group created a three-track album tat allowed the group to create press. The group starting working in religious centers and was eventually noticed by Science Records. The band later toured with Alesana and Norma Jean across the US and Canada while they created their album, His Last Walk in 2007. The album hit #32 on the Heatseekers chart on the U.S. Billboard.

The group toured with many bands on the Black On Black tour during the end of the year 2007. They also joined the Underground Operations Tour and Loathing Tour in 2007. Even during this period of jumping from tour to tour, the group also joined the From First to Last tour.

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After the tours, the group joined with studio to make a new album released in 2009. Witless reached far into the fans hearts as song God Wears Gucci was released on iTunes and myspace. What's left of Me was also given away on myspace to the fans. The group continued to tour in the Atticus Fall Tour with Finch. The group would later start making a music video for the song and released it in December of 2009.

With Blessthefall finishing their album, the band is now hitting the concert halls playing again with their Christian tours across the nation. Catch your Blessthefall tickets today while the group continues on their Christian concert tour!

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