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"Bleeding Through" is an energetic metal core band based in Orange County, CA. Their tremendous music is a combination of metal, hardcore, and black/Goth metal. This remarkable combination makes them unique. Their music projects the feelings of pain, frustration, and despair. Their scintillating music is faster yet more melodic and sometimes bit heavier yet more accomplished. Their high beats are blended with precise timings of the lyrics. Band's new release "The Truth" is better described as a trend-proof middle finger which ultimately focuses on the feelings of over saturation. The band also comes at a hard time when the prevalent popular metal genre has eventually gotten more and more obsessed with fashion, artistic clones and sound riffs. The band was founded in 2004. The band comprises: vocalist Brandon Schieppati, guitarist Brian Leppke, drummer Derek Youngsma and bassist Ryan Wombacher.
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The group doesn't play pop, ska, punk, or even hardcore, but they just prefer speedy and potent death metal which is inspired by famous European groups like Soilwork and At the Gates. Their music shows the influences from the reminiscent of popular American contemporaries such as Lamb of God and Killswitch Engage. The group issued their high power debut album "Portrait" in 2002. This release gained some rave reviews and consequently they received a good offer form the Trustkill Records. The band unleashed their immense energy and passion with their second hugely anticipated release "This is Love" in 2004. If you love to listen to music with full of energy and mind blowing beats, this can be a great opportunity, just grab your tickets and catch the live performance of the band; but first of all collect your tickets from an on-line ticket vendor to avoid the huge rush for tickets.


Portrait of the Goddess (2002)
This Is Love, This Is Murderous (2003)
This Is Love, This Is Murderous (Reissue) (2005)
The Truth (2006)
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