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Hold on for the ride of your life with tickets to see the ultimate in extreme band action live on a stage near you- it's time to get your tickets to see the Blackest of the Black Tour live! Forget about all the rest- these bands are the absolute heavyweights when it comes to rocking hard and this tour is the perfect venue to bring fans front row center to bands that do not get any radio play or TV time to promote their music.

The Blackest of the Black tour was started by the insane god of absolute heavy metal Glen Danzig. The tour was started in the hopes of giving a platform to the real hard rockers- this includes bands that do not have the heft of large corporate backing, no radio or TV play and no big labels. What these bands do have in common is a killer instinct for thrashing and burning on stage, which has garnered them their own kind of fan following void of the help of MTV or top forty charts.

Danzig was initially thrilled with the idea of Ozzfest but became greatly disappointed with the increasingly corporatized feel of the festival which he felt was gradually losing the Ozzy touch that made it so special in the first place. Blackest of the Black tour offers up some of the wildest and most extreme bands on the music scene today, not only from America but from around the world. It is ironic to note that many of the bands that first featured at Blackest of the Black went on to perform at Ozzfest.
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Danzig has never been a stranger to the extreme, known mainly for his crazy, scream-and–die musical delivery, his guts and gore music and electric on-stage presence. Often called the Prince of Darkness of the metal circuit, Danzig's tour has opened up the stage to a variety of cutting edge bands like Lacuna Coil, Behemoth, Nile, Superjoint Ritual, Opeth, The Agony Scene, Chimaira and Himsa. Danzig of course headlines at these tours.

So haven't heard of any of these bands? Then you're watching too much MTV and need to get back in touch with the reality of hard rock and heavy metal. Contact your online ticket vendor today and get your tickets for the Blackest of the Black Tour right now!
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