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Zakka Wylde formed a heavy metal band and called it Black Label Society. So far, the band has released eight albums. The latest album of the band is 'Shot To Hell' which was released in September 2006, the first release under Roadrunner Records, and was produced by Michael Beinhorn. It was in 1992, when Ozzy retired after the No More Tears tour, Zakk decided to form his own band Pride & Glory. The band was a blend of potent bluesy southern rock with heavy metal. After two years, in 1994, Zakk reconsidered his retirement and got involved with numerous recording sessions for Ozzmosis. Around same time he was offered the open guitar slot in Gun N' Roses and had hard time deciding whether to tour with Ozzy or to join Gun N' Roses. Due to circumstances, neither project planned out. This came as an opportunity for Wylde to record his own acoustic solo album, 'Book of Shadows'. The album was not able to harvest that much commercial success. In 1998, Zakk and drummer Phil Ondich collaborated to form Black Label Society and recorded their debut 'Sonic Brew'. Nick Catanese has been Zakk's rhythm guitarist since the Book Of Shadows tour. Also the drummer Craig Nunenmacher has been since 1919 Eternal(2001) following Phil's departure.
On of the reviews of Black Label Society concert says: 'metal madness at montage mountain, Scranton pa. with skull crushing electric prowess Zakk Wylde and his black label society completly destroyed the monster energy stage,opening there set with the beginning at last in 100 degree heat,its fair to say that the band was even hotter then the outside temperature!!! this was without a doubt one of the very best shows ive ever seen,barr-none!!! zakk,nick,j.d. and craig laid complete waste here in scranton pa. !!! moving on to the rest of the set,when b.l.s ripped into suffrin overdue,enter the mosh pit explosion-the likes of which ive never seen as the pennsylvainia chapter went into a full bore frenzy,oh what motherfucking fun we had on this day ladies n gents,yes indeed !!! following up with bleed for me and suicide messiah,zakk then hit his beer and introduced the rest of the band which was alot of fun while throwing picks to the fans up front !!! then ripping into fire it up a true crowd pleaser,the intensity just keeps building when zakk goes into solo mode with the star bangled banner !!! i am quite sure that jimi will agree with me on this one,in a word-incredible !!! and that is an understatment as there is no one word to describe how talented not only zakk is but j.d. nick and craig as well!!! finishing there set with long time,say what you will and stillborn this is another show for the history books folks !!! if you have not seen black label society yet then its fair to say your missing the most incredible band in history and that is a fact !!! enjoy the review and i will be posting the rest of the east coast leg very soon !!!'
Reviewer: BlackSabbath333

Black Label Society headlined the second stage at this year's Ozzfest (US). Tickets for fall dates in the US have gone on sale, and the band will tour Australia, New Zealand and the UK in late 2006 and early 2007.The song 'Fire It Up', from the 2005 album Mafia, featured as a bonus song in the PlayStation 2 game Guitar Hero.On June 29, 2006, 'Concrete Jungle', the first single from 'Shot to Hell' was released on line via, which is owned by the band's new record label Roadrunner Records. The singles music video, directed by Aggressive, was released in early September 2006.
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