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It's time to get your tickets to hear some rollicking Celtic rock come live and direct from one of the best bands on the Irish rock circuit- come get your tickets to see Black 47 live in concert. This intelligent, hard-rocking crew has been mesmerizing fans all across the country with their signature blend of cutting edge music and meaty lyrics. The band has garnered much critical acclaim over the years and has a proud and loyal fan following that spans the globe.

Black 47 came together in 1989 when Irish expatriates Larry Kirwan and Chris Byrne came together to make some music. They decided to call themselves Black 47 which refers to the Irish Potato Famine of 1847 that completely devastated Ireland and her people. This title aptly reflects the importance that the band places on the crisis in Ireland and Irish nationalism as well as the problems faced by immigrants and the working class.
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The duo began to gig their way from the bottom up, performing wherever they could with Kirwan on guitar and vocals while Byrne played the whistles. Soon their numbers grew with Thomas Hamlin, Fred Parcells and Geoffrey Blythe joining their ranks, playing a plethora of traditional Irish instruments. They soon became a hot favorite on the pub circuit and were able to release their first major label album in 1993.

In 2000, Byrne left to pursue his solo projects but the band continues to rock hard with their fusion of reggae, rock, rap, soul and even hip hop. They are still very vocal about socio-political issues and translate their feisty, energetic vibe into their songs and concerts with equal aplomb. Don't miss your chance to see these lads live on a stage near you- contact your online ticket vendor right now and book your tickets to see Black 47 today!

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