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If you are in the mood to hear some soulful, smooth ballads and soft rock hits by one of the best men in the business, then you need to get yourself tickets to see Bill Medley in live in concert! Whether you are fans of the legendary Righteous Brothers or love to hear the tunes of Medley's solo career, you are sure to enjoy tickets to see this class act live in concert!

Bill Medley is best known as being one half of the phenomenal duo The Righteous Brothers, a duo that was best known for their poignant love ballads and exquisite blending of voices. Medley himself has always been a music lover- as a youngster he taught himself to play piano and though he had no formal training whatsoever, he would go on to be the songwriting part of the duo and was also the first producer for The Righteous Brothers.

Medley met his future friend and partner Bobby Hatfield when both were vocalists for other local singing groups. They both got together and realized that their voices blended perfectly with one another- according to Medley, the vibe between the two was always instantaneous and the duo rarely needed to rehearse. Their partnership would last over four decades and would spawn hits like the world famous 'Unchained Melody', 'You've Lost that Lovin' Feeling', and 'You're My Soul and Inspiration'. The Righteous Brothers had firmly established themselves as a major force in the world of mainstream music.
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Aside from the duo, Medley did a lot of solo projects but tragedy struck when Hatfield passed away- Medley had just lost his long-time friend and partner and speculation was rife that Medley was about to walk away from music altogether. But Medley couldn't- the pull of the music was too strong and fans across the world rejoiced when Medley began taking the stage again as a solo artist. He had a number one smash hit duet with Jennifer Warnes for the song 'I've Had the Time of My Life' which appeared on the Dirty Dancing soundtrack and won a Grammy and Academy Award. In 2003, The Righteous Brothers were also inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Medley continues to delight audiences all across the country even today and has even done a few shows with his daughter McKenna, who has her own live show. With his velvety bass voice, his songwriting skills and the love and adoration of fans around the world, there is little doubt that Bill Medley will be wowing the world once again with his music.

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