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His break-out television role was in I Spy, starting in 1965. Cosby won two Emmy Awards for his portrayal of an undercover CIA agent; it was also the first time an African-American actor starred in a weekly dramatic television series. He then appeared in a series of shows named after himself: The Bill Cosby Show, The New Bill Cosby Show, the animated Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, Cos, The Cosby Show, The Cosby Mysteries, and Cosby (see One Foot In The Grave). He has starred in many films, most notably Ghost Dad in 1990. He has producer, writer, director and even composer credits on many of his projects. He has also written several humorous books about different aspects of life, based on his stand-up comedy such as Fatherhood and Love and Marriage. In fact, Fatherhood and Time Flies were the best selling non-fiction hardback books of 1986 and 1987, respectively.

He earned a doctorate in education from the University of Massachusetts in 1977. He has attempted to integrate education with television in some projects and is now a leading educational philanthropist.

He is married to Camille Hanks and they have four daughters. Their only son Ennis Cosby, aged 27, was murdered on January 16, 1997, while changing a flat tire in Los Angeles, California. On March 12, 1997 Mikail Markhasev was arrested in Los Angeles and charged with the attempted robbery and shooting of Ennis.

Cosby was at one time one of the most highly paid entertainers in the United States.

Cosby became the center of controversy in May 2004 when he made public remarks critical of low-income African Americans whom he believed to be reprioritizing education in favor of sports and fashion. While Cosby received a sharp backlash, he was largely unapologetic for the remarks and continued his criticism during a speech on July 1 at a Rainbow Coalition meeting commemorating the anniversary of Brown vs. Board of Education. Cosby admonished struggling young men to "stop beating up your wife because you can't find a job" and stated that African-Americans had forgotten the sacrifices of those in the Civil Rights Movement. The talk was interrupted several times by applause and received praise from leaders such as Jesse Jackson.

Starting in 2004, Cosby publicly denounced black communities for having low standards in allowing fatherless single parent households, high crime rates, and high illiteracy rates. He furthered that it was up to the black community to fix its own problems. He expanded upon his remarks in San Jose, CA during an event to promote the Read-2-Lead Classic.
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William Henry Cosby, Jr., (born July 12, 1937) is an American actor and comedian. His sitcom, The Cosby Show was very successful, and notable for being one of the first to star a well-to-do middle-class African-American family.

Dr. William H. Cosby, Jr., is truly a Renaissance man. In his illustrious career, he has enjoyed success in many diverse fields, including stand-up comedy, publishing, feature films, recording, education, and, of course, television.

Born in Philadelphia on July 12, 1937, the young Bill Cosby began developing his knack for comedy at an early age. He based his first routines on his school pals, including "Fat Albert," "Weird Harold," and "Dumb Donald," and tested them on his most appreciative audience: his mother. In the tenth grade, Cosby dropped out of high school to join the Navy, finishing his studies by correspondence course while still in the service. After his discharge, he entered Philadelphia's Temple University, planning to become a physical education teacher. He supported himself as a bartender and quickly gained a reputation as a talented comic among club patrons. Encouraged by his success, Cosby left school and headed to New York to perform in Greenwich Village nightclubs. By 1963, he won a guest spot on THE TONIGHT SHOW and shot to almost overnight success. His comedy was unique for its time; although it was the height of the civil rights movement, Cosby preferred to lampoon childhood and everyday situations, rather than focus on racial issues. By 1965, Cosby made the jump from stand-up comedy to television when he snagged one of the leading roles in I SPY opposite Robert Culp. His portrayal of the unflappable Alexander Scott gained him national attention and won him three Emmy Awards.

He began his career as a stand-up comic, winning several Grammies for comedy albums. He also had a top forty song in 1969 and sang on a number of albums. Cosby received Kennedy Center Honors in 1998 and the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2002.
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