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Nick Dimichino joined the band in the year 2004, in the rhythm section. Before joining Big Shot, he was the member of the popular band Nine Days. One of the most popular and number one single of the band is "Absolutely"(This is the story of a girl). What characterizes Nick is his prominent and deep tone, his bass playing, his humble and quiet spirit, that has made him one of the quintessential member of Big Shots, who are lucky enough to have such a bass player and great person. He is known to be one of the most talented and best bassist.

Once Mike, extended his invitation to John Scarpulla to perform with Big Shot in some of their shows. But his amazing experience, personality, musicianship as well as his sense of humor, earned him a permanent place in the band. These attributes have also earned him such gigs such as Tower of Power, The Lead sax player for 3 and have also performed in broadway in Movin Out, which proved to be a hit musical. He has also performed with some of the best musicians and entertainers of the world.

Ken Cino was born and brought up in Long Island. He recruited Mike, in 1996 to play in the most popular bands on Long Island, known as Kid Gloves. After which Ken started playing with various other bands. In 2001, he met Mike in a big hot show. Mike immediately invited him to join his band. What makes these amazing guitarist outstanding is his fast lightening licks, solid rhythm playing and his huge variety of influential style

Sal Devitto was invited by Mike in the year 2002, when he stopped by to watch the performance of the Big Shot at Port Jazz in Port Jefferson. He is an amazing player who changed the sound of the band forever. Sal has also performed with great musicians such as blues master Stevie Cochran, Carolyn Mas, Melanie. The song "Boy next door" which he played with Melanie went on to topped the charts in Germany. He have also played with Doug Stegmeyer and Russel Javors and was also the member of Billy Joel band

Teddy Cook joined the band in the year 2005 and is known to play with many famous bands such as Dio and Great White. Teddy, during the 80's. He also played bass in Movin out, a Broadway musical. Teddy is known to play various instruments and has got amazing voice.

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Big Shot is a band to reckon, as they are one of the best Billy band, who are known to play the music of Billy Joel. Those who are die-hard fans of Billy Joel, are going to love the performance of Big Shot. Big Shot was formed in the year 2000. The members of the band are Mike DelGuidice from the band Long Island, who sounds alike, the brother of Liberty Devitto, Sal Devitto, who was the drummer for Billy Joel and also Richie Cannata, the sax player and who also used to play with Billy Joels. In a recent interview with the New York Times, Billy Joel himself admitted "They had a hard time convincing me it wasn't me"!.

Mike DelGuidice was born and raised on Long Island. He was influenced by Billy's music from childhood onwards and used to perform in High School. His musical talent took him to play with many well-known artists and musicians. He has also recorded with Lava/Atlantic records. He also collaborated in an album with Doug Stegmeyer, who was the former bassist of Billy Joel. A multi-talented songwriter, singer, piano player, bassist, guitarist and drummer, Mike is known to have performed Billy's music in various venues, bars, huge festivals and concert venues. After forming the band Big Shot, he along with his members rose to national prominence. He frequently performs in the local as well as national level.
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