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Formed in October 1995 in Allston, Boston, Massachusetts, Big D and the Kids Table is growing and rising third-wave ska/punk band which is famous for its energy. This enthusiastic band has been signed to Springman Records. The current line up of the band includes David McWane as lead Vocals, Sean P. Rogan on Guitar, Backing Vocals, Steve Foote on Bass, Jon Reilly on Drums, Dan Stoppelman on Trumpet, new member Ryan O'Connor on Tenor Saxophone, Paul E. Cuttler on Trombone. Other than performing live and working for Springman, members of Big D also own the Boston, Massachusetts area record label, Fork In Hand Records. With this label, the band has released many albums along with other local Boston artists. The music of the Big D frequently reflects member's personal lives, particularly the financial difficulties that has been faced by many members in the past.
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The band won Boston Music Awards distinction of "Outstanding Ska Band." in 1999. since 1997, Big D is co-headlining an annual Halloween Show in Boston, together with Kicked In The Head until their dissolution in August 2005. This show remains the most awaited show by both band members and fans. They have been in news for being a part of both the Warped Tour,Summer of Ska Tour 2006 in which they have supported Catch 22, Voodoo Glow Skulls and other local ska bands across the mid-west. and the Ska is Dead tour where they shared the stage with few of both punk and ska's selected underground bands. Regarding the warped Tour, Dave says in his interview recently,

"Yeah! That was weird. Yeah we didn't get paid instead we got catering, it was really, really fun. We played on the smallest stage, which is a tent; the Kevin Stage, well of course in Canada we played on the Union stage, but everywhere else we played in like this tent and it was cool, we got to eat food with like, you know in High School when you have your tray and shit, the Suicide Machine were like ‘Oh come over here guys' (in a cracked up voice) ‘Oh, um yeah sure okay guys!' and they'd be like ‘so you guys partying tonight, you hanging out?' like sure Jay yeah you wanna hang out with us? And once I was in line and the guitar player for Andrew WK was like ‘yo Dave!' I was like ahhh yeah! He was like ‘you guys are on at 4:30pm right?' um yes we are and he was like ‘I'll be there', cool then I turn around to the rest of the band and I was like fucking eh, did you just see that"

The latest anticipated Big D releases include 'From Boston To Beijing' which is a split EP with Brain Failure due in January 2007 and a long-awaiting CD entitled "Strictly Dub", an untitled follow-up to How It Goes, and a DVD. There are several stories famous about the band name's origin, particularly about running over various pets named Big D. But the fact about the name comes out to be very simple when a friend told lead singer Dave McWane if he ever started a band he should call it Big D and the Kids Table, so he worked the idea.

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