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The world of rock music has seen some rare talent. Rare as far as their musical ability is concerned, and also they way they carry themselves. Amongst these unique specimens, bif naked has pushed the limits of acceptability since day one. Her creativity is loud to the point of screaming and that has never been muzzled as she has embarked on a continuous and seemingly never ending string of scorching live performances, recordings, sound-bytes, videos, quotes and visuals that have put Bif Naked in the list of the most interesting and one of the most acclaimed performers to grace the rock stage. She now on tour, again, and you have your chance of catching this amazing star live in action. Don't let go of this great opportunity. Go buy your tickets now!

Bif Naked was born in New Delhi to a pair of boarding-school teenagers. She was then adopted by American missionaries and relocated to Minneapolis. Winnipeg was her final stop as far as a settled life was concerned and she enrolled at the University of Winnipeg as drama major aspirant. Her first stint as performer in a music group was in the punk outfit Gorilla Gorilla, which she fronted, she eventually quit this act to join Chrome Dog, another punk outfit. She was also associated with Dying to Be Violent, before releasing an independent solo EP in 1994, which had Four Songs and a Poem. Her eponymous full-length album released after she inked a deal with Concrete Records. Though the label went under, it was a blessing in disguise as she regained the masters and reissued the album using her own Her Royal Majesty's Record imprint. The strength of the record coupled with some ferocious live performances as a result of ceaseless touring, saw her break into the big league, when she snagged a deal with Lava; which released Bificus in 1998. It was well-received by the critics and also got some attention with its track "Moment of Weakness" helped by an energetic, and memorable video clip.
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Bif Naked fans have had a fanatical craving for anything that is ‘Bif Naked' that can be her albums, spoken word or just about anything else. Her unique artistic personality has entrenched itself on the psyche of music lovers, due to the constant pounding of her track on the airwaves. She has an alternative beauty that is brashly unforgettable at one instant, yet at another instant she is intimate and instantly recognizable across the board from TV, videos, music media and fashion magazines. Undoubtedly she is one of the most identifiable among all recording artists in Canada. Her charismatic energy, during live performances, has won her rave live reviews, and her indefatigable across countries tours have endeared herself to music aficionados that want to catch a performer live in action.

She has just come out with her latest album "Superbeautifulmonster", which took a mammoth 3 yers to create. Through this she has taken her music to another level, and has categorically stated that she has surpassed anything she has done before. But her favourite activity is touring, and she is now performing at a venue near you. So go watch her and find out for yourself as to why she is continually acknowledged by audiences and reviewers alike for her liver performances. Reason enough to buy your tickets on the double.
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