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Bicycle Tricycle is the mongrel band of psychotropic rock, power-pop noesis, and the contemporary energy that flows between the various extremes of the band's musical influences. It comprises of a vast range of stylistic choices, which shape the band itself. More diverse the project, more diverse its output, and vice versa. The individuals who make up Bicycle Tricycle are both cognisant of and are emotionally involved in many different forms, assemblages, and perceptives of the term "music.". The synthesis of these ultra different perspectives has come to create the sometimes-angelic, sometimes-brutish creature of pure beauty known to the world merely as a pop band.

Bicycle Tricycle is a fully agglomerated effort of thought which is engaged in a manner that relies heavily on individual, over-the-top reflexions of joy and happiness. This wealth of emotional expression that they talk about in their songs, subdues the sadness and dispiriting outlooks of much of today's "fine art," and embraces the impulsive, rhapsodic, and reviving parts of our lives that we "love", while recognizing that "all may not be well." Psychosis only leads to jejunity in terms of sincere self expression, a personal and a joint goal of the band, and thus an aesthetic lean towards celebration is employed so that the collective may carry on to produce in new creative forms. It is an elaborate, dynamic band of calico performers who find it hard to reform that there is a difference between being a band and a performance art troupe; and attempt to focus on the grander things of life: the secrets of the universe, the cosmic interrelationship of all creatures, as well as the credence of distinction within all matter; and the personal forms of manifestation that identify those, who have the experience with those that are fervidly creating such an experience. A thin line of a cognizance shift will arbalest our world and all that we know into a higher pitch of magnitude and splendour. They feature a wildly rotating line-up and a distinct love of eldritch, novelty-based electro-rock.
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Bohb : After the dissolution of his previous band by the same name, Bohb used the time to focus on electronic musical tools, recording and chamfering into his laptop. The result was the skeleton of Bicycle Tricycle with the help of the new arsenal of tools and the rock and roll talents of many friends. As the songwriter and lead vocalist of Bicycle Tricycle, the songs lurch all over the stylistic map held together only by the coherence of Bohb's lyrics, orientation and the talented circle of friends who make this project possible.

Tom Szidon : Tom joined when the band was in need of a substitue bass player. And now, he's heavily relied for all the musical excursions. Backing vocals, guitar, bass, very gifted and up to any conceptual challenge, Tom is there to provide. Tom's influence came full tilt with the album 'Real as You Believe' where his collaborative involvement hit the true partnership levels.

John San Juan : John is a mysterious and phenomenal person of musical strangeness. He can play piano, guitar and bass and does each by ear, it's outlandish. He remembers songs right down to the intonation in the bridge after one listen. He plays right handed guitars left handed. He sings the hard note in backing vocal harmonies. John is a great rock to have in your roll. John has a band called The Hushdrops and also plays with Chicago's only Prog rock band, Ness.
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