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The SHOW began quietly, guitar and percussion setting the stage for a more upbeat experience, as Christine Van Loo dangled breathtakingly above FROM a red silk sash. The Rosanegra String Quartet added an interesting contrast to the smooth, yet complex and deeply layered compositions. Strobe lights kept the energy alive, pulsating to the rhythmic beats with exactness.

With Flamenco guitar in the forefront, the clapping and fast percussion demonstrated how integral the beats are in the overall execution of the music, lending to the imagery of growing up in an old Latin neighborhood in the summertime. Other members of the band added their talents to make the SHOW truly stand out as an authentic, yet newly intriguing explosive celebration of the Spanish Flamenco experience.

The tangos, (sans guitar, with clapping, heels and voices) were equally exhilarating with a stellar choreography featuring a tantalizing merger of old and new, with an ever-present sensuality. The sensual gypsy grace of the dancers' movements had a lasting effect, as people were heard to discuss over an hour after the show. The hauntingly somber aura of Bridge of Sighs was uplifted by the sensual acrobatic dance beautifully executed by Christine Van Loo and Sonny Brown.

Thankfully, rather than cloak them in darkness, Benise showcases and celebrates his accompanist's talents by HAVING guitarist Mitch Espe sit alongside him, introducing the artists in the SHOW several times throughout the performance: Mycal Lomas on bass, percussionists Carlos Lopez, C. G. Ryche and the Rosanegra String Quartet (featuring John Tesh's violinist, Jim Sitterly).
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Apr 7 Sat 7:00 PM Benise Admiral Theatre
Bremerton, WA
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Benise's (pronounced buh-NESS-ee) features some of the finest Flamenco guitar anywhere these days, along with the phenomenal artistry of Cirque du Soleil acrobats, Flamenco Dancers and the Rosenagra String Quartet. Talk about amazing!

Featuring original songs - gems of sensitive poetic power and intense rhythms, executed with formidable technique on many levels - this SHOW exuded an excitingly wonderful romantic and sultry presentation.

The astounding self-taught stylings of guitarist Roni Benise are uplifting and energizing. With a seductive Latin flavor, Benise's music is a tribute to some of the world's greatest Flamenco guitarists. Benise not only shows his respect for the masters of the genre, but his eclectic style exhibits dexterous guitar work and masterful composition.

Roni, along with Mitch Espe, have an exquisitely engaging playing style that could quite possibly make masters like Govi or Ottmar Liebert jealous. Roni and Mitch brilliantly meld their guitar talents to create a fusion of traditional Flamenco accompanied by the exotic Latin rhythms and percussion of Carlos Lopez and C. G. Ryche. The band's technical skills are highlighted with a fluid, stunning virtuosity, demonstrating a distinctly original melting pot of rhythm all their own.
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