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Ben Harper came from a musical family, which may begin to explain it, but from a very young age Ben Harper knew he had the music in him. Getting it out proved not so difficult either. By his teenage years, he'd learned to play slide guitar and was able to follow his blues heroes. His mix of roots music and various assimilations of modern styles (R&B, hip-hop, reggae), has shown Harper has the dedication to bring it all back home for himself.

As a teen, Harper cut his teeth on blues players such as Robert Johnson and Son House, finding excitement with playing the lap steel. He was playing at the Claremont when headliner Taj Mahal heard his playing and encouraged Harper to take to the road with him. They collaborated on the soundtrack for The Drinking Gourd, a documentary about the life of Harriet Tubman, the woman who led hundreds of slaves to freedom in the North via the Underground Railroad. The subject matter of racism was something that touched Harper deeply, as he is of mixed heritage and has faced racism from all sides.

Harper attracted the attention of Virgin Records and has since released five studio albums and one live disc, all of which have garnered a devout audience that shares Harper's interest in social issues and grass-roots organizations. The titles of his songs spell out much of what he is about, for, and against: "Oppression," "How Many Miles Must We March," "With My Own Two Hands," "Picture Of Jesus," "Two Hands Of A Prayer."
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In some ways, Harper is a true child of the '60s, but his music attempts to reach out to all people regardless of such boundaries. His reach has now extended to his protégé, singer-songwriter Jack Johnson, whom he signed to his own label, Enjoy Records, in 2000. One cannot simply classify the raw appeal of Ben Harper. He is a musician, an artist, and an individualist. Whether it's through the soul dances of southern Gospel, 70s funk or electric blues, Harper maintains a stance for a simple beauty. For nearly ten years, Harper and his trademark Weissenborn guitar have been a saving grace in the capriciousness of corporate rock & roll.

He makes music for the people, people who are aware of the world's greater goals and unimpressed by political mediocrity. Harper knows he can make a difference with his music, but his fans carry him along so the message can be heard. Starting in 1994, Harper has made four studio records: Welcome to the Cruel World (1994); Fight For You Mind (1995); The Will to Live (1997); Burn to Shine (1999); and one live album Live From Mars (2001). Diamonds on the Inside is Harper's sixth chapter in his continuing testimonial.
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