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Belle and Sebastian then signed to Jeepster in August and the critically acclaimed LP "If You're Feeling Sinister" was released November 18th. The support slot for the Tindersticks ICA gigs, followed by a headline show at the Borderline in early November brought the joys of Belle and Sebastian live to the South for the first time. The band then set about with the plan of spending the summer of 1997 releasing EP's, the first of these being "Dog On Wheels" on the 12th May. This release contained early demos of the band, previous to all the current members joining, including the demo version of "The State I Am In". Mark Radcliffe had played the mastered Tigermilk version of this track relentlessly and for those without a copy of the vinyl masterpiece, the Dog EP appeased the fans thirst enough to put the single in at Number 59 on the singles chart.
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Belle and Sebastian were formed in an all-night café in Glasgow, January 1996. Stuart Murdoch (singer/songwriter) and Stuart David (bass guitar) met on a government training scheme and recorded some demos, which were picked up by a Jeepster scout who was taking part in the Stow College Music Business Course. The course, run by ex-Associate Alan Rankine, produces and releases one record every year on the college label Electric Honey Records, usually a single. However in the case of Belle and Sebastian they had enough songs to record a whole album, and so the elusive Tigermilk was born. Recorded in three days and one thousand copies released on vinyl only, original copies now change hands for up to £400 per copy.
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