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The Bayside band were formed in October, 2000. The band consists of four members namely Anthony Ranerie, Jack O'Shea, John Beatz and Nick Ghanbarain. All four musicians were looking for an opportunity and a breakthrough that would allow them to play music for the rest of their lives. They eventually got down to recording a demo. The band also started playing playing shows around Long Island NY. It was not long before they caught the eye of Dying Wish Records. They released their first EP on the label titled, "Long Stories Short".

Subsequently the band began touring extensively. Bayside has performed on-stage with artists like Alkaline Trio, Brand New, Further Seems Forever, Glasseater, The Rocking Horse Winner, The Reunion Show, and Taking Back Sunday. They've also completed an east coast tour in which they actively supported The Stryder. They also appeared at the 2002 Skate and Surf Fest, where the roster included bands like The Get Up Kids, Midtown, Dashboard Confessional, and Finch. In 2002, Bayside performed at the Van's Warped Tour and in October of the same year they embarked on their first full length US tour with the likes of Unsung Zeros and Junction 18.
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During the following years there were changes within the group. At the moment the Bayside lineup consist of only one member from the original ensemble, singer/guitarist Anthony Raneri. Eventually Bayside found the right mix of talent and compatibility with the current line up: Anthony Raneri, bassist Andrew Elderbaum, and drummer Jason Drome. The band also changed management during these years, Jamie Arthurs of J&J Artist Management became the team's management.

Bayside don't look like they are in any mood to shift down the gears. The completed a full US tour with Indiana's Asking Autumn. Then they embarked on an east coast tour with Junction 18 and The Goodwill. They also toured the rest of 2003. Enjoy the music of this new group. They are fresh and and as you can see they love performing live. Come and have a great time. Contact your on-line ticket vendor and get the tickets as soon as possible.
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