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The Battlefield Band is inspired by rich heritage of Celtic music. Its music reprints the strength and vibrancy of Scottish cultural scene of present days. Being the singers par excellence, indeed they have contributed much to create, fuel and led from the forefront, of a exquisite revival of Scottish music. Not-limited musically by suffocating antiquarianism, or commercial music fashions, the group has mixed the old songs and their own music with a new self-invented repertoire played on a blend of ancient and modern instruments like bagpipes, guitar, flutes, bodhran, fiddle, synthesizer and accordion. A ticket to their show is biggest worry for fans to get.

The Battlefield Band is the longest running institutions of Scottish music. Their inception goes back to 1969.At that time; they were adventurous young groups around. It is named after the famous Glasgow suburb, Battlefield, where the group was founded by four student friends Brian McNeill, Mike Katz, Alan Reid, Alasdair White and Sean O'Donnell. Their carer began with mixing traditional music with rock and pop. It created a comfortable niche and a dedicated following. They took the Scottish music from folk clubs to recording studios under the leadership of Brian McNeill. The Battlefield Band, found their feet trough 1980's Home is Where the Van is".
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Since then they have been marching on. A subtle electric arrangements with matching traditional sound was followed with an even stronger "There's a Buzz" and in 1984, "Anthem for the Common Man". McNeill departed in 1990 to an acclaimed solo career. His replacement, John McCusker infused a new energy to the band. The 1997's "superb Across the Borders" asserted their potential once again. They regained once again the height of their powers. They continued with creativity, freshness and enthusiasm in a positive way. Their remarkable smooth and organic way of changes gradually took place. They used, these changes that stirred passion among the people.

The Band have been on the world's stages for 30 years now gleaning their unique form of the Celtic spirit and urning it in concerts in Germany, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Syria, Jordan, India, Sri Lanka, Egypt, U.S., Canada, Uzbekistan and the U.K. Battlefield Band have brought down barriers and forged many new directions to be followed by others. Anger, joy, strident and thoughtfulness engulfs their music making it accessible to all. To watch it live, book your tickets online.


The Road of Tears, 2006
A Month of Sundays, 2004
Out for the Night, 2004
The Best of Battlefield Band, 2002
Battlefield Band - Time & Tide, 2002
Nightingale Lane, 2002
Happy Daze, 2001
Yella Hoose, 2000
Leaving Friday Harbour, 2000
Rock & More Roses, 1999
Rain, Hail or Shine (1998)
Celtic Folk-Live (1998)
Across The Borders (1997)
Threads (1995)
Stand Easy/Preview (1994)
Opening Moves (1993)
Quiet Days (1992)
New spring (1991)
Home Ground (1989)
Music in Trust 2 (1988)
After Hours (1987)
After Hours (1987)
Music in Trust (1986)
On The Rise (1986)
Anthem for the Common Man (1984)
There's A Buzz (1982)
The Story So Far (1982)
Home Is Where the Van Is (1980)
At The Front (1978)
Battlefield Band (1977)
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