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Bassnectar is a busy man in 2012. He may not have a new album coming out, but he does have a couple of tours on the books for his latest entries into dubstep, Divergent Spectrum and the EP VaVaVoom. Bassnectar tickets are available for 2012 leg of the Divergent Spectrum tour and the 2012 Vava Voom Tour. These tours will be keeping this DJ, producer, etc. quite busy with a hectic live performance schedule.

The Divergent Spectrum Tour takes Bassnectar to six concert venues, including shows in Sal Lake City at the Great Saltair, Las Vegas at Rain Night club, and in Avon, Colorado at the Snowball. From March 2 to April 8, 2012 this man will bringing his collection of dubstep tracks and remixes to tour dates in North and South America, including the Lollapalooza festival dates in Santiago, Chile and Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Bassnectar follows this tour with the Viva Voom tour, a tour designed to support the new EP of the same name. These tour dates will keep the DJ and producer busy from April 11 to July 1, 2012 for 23 tour dates throughout the United States. It begins on April 11 at the Old National in Indianapolis, Indiana and ends on July 1 for the Electric Forest in Rothbury, Michigan.

Bassnectar is a DJ and producer who experiments with freeform electronic music and dubstep. He has been performing, or producing since the 1990s. Though he specializes in electronic music, the artist, born Lorin Ashton February 19, 1978 in Santa Cruz, California, took much of his influence from heavy metal groups like Metallica and Megadeth. He took those influences and gave what then constituted electronic music and gave it a harder edge and more pronounced bass line.

He has become a massive success, releasing eight studio albums and five EPs and selling out the Red Rock Amphitheatre. His first studio release came in 2001, Freakbeat for the Beatfreaks. For the next few years he consistently put out new albums, from Beatfreak Bohemia to Diverse Systems of Throb. His latest studio album is Divergent Spectrum, which notably included the remix of Elie Goulding's single "Lights". His latest release has been the EP VaVaVoom. Bassnectar spends most of his time touring clubs, driving the audience in dance with his beats. OnlineSeats has the Bassnectar tickets for these new tour dates.

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