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If you enjoy a bit of heavy metal with some infusion of punk, than Baroness is for you! Hurry and catch your Baroness tickets live today before our hungry fans catch this fantastic group's show.

Baroness formed in 2003 by members of the Johnny Welfare and the Paychecks when the group dissolved. The band still has not released the meaning behind their name – a mystery to be left for the fans. John Baizley, the lead singer, creates all the artwork for the band and also other labels including The Red Chord, Darket Hour, Sounds of the Underground, Vitamin X, Daughters, Kylesa, Torche, and Pig Destroyer. He also has worked on the Magrudergrind/Shitstorm split grindcore album Robotic Empire.

The bands 2007 album, Red Album, was named as Album of the Year by Revolver, the lead heavy metal magazine. The group continued to play in NYC's Bowery Ballroom in celebration of this award by Revolver.

Later in the year 2008, Brain Blickle was replaced by Peter Adams. The group, with their new guitarist, signed with The Track Studio to record their second album which was produced by John Congleton. Blue record is the name of the new album with "Swollen and Halo", "Jake Leg", "War, Wisdom, and Rhyme", and "The Sweetest Curse" as the name of the top singles found in this sensational album.

The group has been described as a sludge metal band, with their shouting vocals and abrasive, aggressive lyrics. The group plays with heavily distorted instrumentals with contrasting tempos. This type of metal originates from the Melvins from Washington and pioneers in Louisiana.

This unforgettable band will play next year with Baroness tickets selling extremely fast for their concert tour. Hurry and catch your tickets today before you miss out on this fantastic live.

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