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Bane is a hardcore punk band that began as a side project between Aaron Dalbec and Damon Bellardo. Dalbec approached Aaron Bedard about singing for Bane. In the December of 2005 the band shifted to an official studio with a friend and finally released their five songs demo. Very next year was followed by the release of their first EP, and many shows throughout central Massachusetts. The home crowd reactions in all the incarnations of The Space, The Espresso Bar and The Palladium were positive. Spring of 1997 saw the release of the Free To Think, Free To Be EP, where 1998 saw the release of the Holding This Moment EP and CD collection, plus the first US Tour. Bane can be classified as a hardcore punk band from the Worcester area that is known for its energy, anthems, honesty and promotion of tolerance and unity within the hardcore scene.

The band claimed to have a straight edge. However, straight edge was never their main political focus. All members are currently drug free, minus the current drummer. They still perform early songs with straight edge references, such as the song "Count Me Out" which includes the lyric "Just like this X on the back of my hand, I'm not going nowhere". However, the lyrics to the song "Wasted On The Young", on Bane's latest album The Note can be interpreted as criticism of people who ignorantly claim straight edge too early in their life
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In the halcyon days of 1996, Boston hardcore was a dirty term. If self-applied, it relegated you to the dusty confines of corny nostalgia and adolescent identity crisis. But there were believers. An unsung group of olderish, foolish romantics who still identified with passionate three- chord bludgeon. They made their debuts in dusty basements and practice spaces. They self- released demos on cassettes. It was a wonderful example of pre-Internet underground- acutely in tune with the ethos of hardcore days gone by. Bane emerged at this time.

By winter 2000, Bane had crossed the US four times, and had completed a six week headlining tour of Europe. By summer 2001, Bane had completed writing their 2nd LP "Give Blood", and headed to Beltsville, MD to record with Brian McTernan. The result was their most potent and unfettered recording to date. Finally, Bane sounded in the studio like they did live, and the response couldn't have been better.

In the fall of 2001, the band was all set to go a tour with Agnostic Front. This success of this alliance inspired them to share the stage for over the next four years, with a diverse roster of bands, from Dashboard Confessional and Thursday, to Shadows Fall, Good Riddance and Hatebreed, whom Bane accompanied on a full US tour.

To the band's surprise, Nick left the band in 2003 to pursue other interests. To replace him, the band recruited the drumming workhorse known as Bob Mahoney. They filled obligations and Bob filled shoes, completing a full five week US tour with the Promise, and a two week tour of Japan in April of 2004. The band continues to tour and write music, "The Note" being their first full length since "Give Blood", again recorded with Brian McTernan.

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