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Taped at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in the home of his best friend and legendary artist, the late great Notorious B.I.G., Sean "P. Diddy" Combs hopes the comedy showcase will be the next big thing in the urban comedy genre. With the success of television programs like Def Comedy Jam and Comic View as well as feature films like The Kings of Comedy, this form of entertainment has become a tried and true recipe for success if done correctly. However, when not done so correctly, it can end up as Uptown Comedy Club or Apollo Comedy Hour.
With well-known comedian/actor Alex Thomas doing warm-ups, he also has enlisted the help of longtime friend and his entertainment mentor, Doug E. Fresh, as host to fill Martin Lawrence's spot. And he has substituted DJ Mister Cee, the man who helped discover Biggie, for the legendary Kid Capri. The set for The Bad Boys of Comedy even looks like the Def Comedy Jam set. The only difference is that Puff comes out at both the beginning to introduce the show (which didn't seem like such a good idea after hearing him) and at the end to say his own version of "Thanks for coming out. God bless you. Goodnight."
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May 12 Sat 7:30 PM Bad Boyz Of Comedy Tour Stanley Theatre - Utica
Utica, NY
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P. Diddy has assembled a good mixture of fresh faces and familiar ones who have appeared on shows like the Comic View. The comedians kept the crowd entertained and each one had their own qualities which obviously helped them in being chosen for the show. The old school hip-hop aesthetic, energy and chemistry of Doug E. and Mister Cee works very well, especially with crowd participation. There are no dancers that crowd the stage at that end of the show to show their skills, but there are people dancing and partying in the audience throughout, especially when "The Strongest Finisher In The Game" throws on a current club banger like the Terror Squad's "Lean Back."
Unlike Def Comedy Jam, P. Diddy has decided to take his comedy showcase straight to DVD instead of going the television route, eliminating network and advertising dollars. It will be interesting to see how successful this latest venture will be because of that. With bootlegging at an all time high and computer technology being where it is, it runs the risk of being "ghetto gold" without seeing much real profit going to the proper parties.
Regardless of its success or failure, it is just another chapter in the life of one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the history of entertainment. And with his track record, I would not bet against him becoming "the new king of comedy."
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