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The music world, at least in terms of popular modern music, is a world constantly changing. Bands and genres that were once edge and underground quickly become mainstream and overplayed until they become obsolete to all but their biggest fans. The Backstreet Boys have managed to survive despite the death of the boy band era, and are now back and ready to entertain millions of those former fans hoping for a comeback from the band and the genre. Now Backstreet Boys tickets are on sale for a series of 2013 concerts in which BSB will combine with Jesse McCartney and the infamous DJ Pauly D.

The touring begins August 2 and runs until September 8. Below are the 27 concert dates announced as of now.

The Backstreet Boys, a.k.a. BSB, is the boy band whose burst in popularity followed the New Kids on the Block and preceded the rise of 'NSYNC. That is how music historians will remember the band, as the manufactured group that helped the boy band genre survive until Justin Timberlake could take over. However, fans will remember the first time they heard the band on the radio and the first Backstreet Boys tickets to see five teenage heart throbs in concert.

The group began to form very early on, when cousins Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell sang in their local church choir in Lexington, Kentucky. South of these two, Howie Dorough and A.J. McLean met in Orlando thanks to a shared interest in acting in commercials and performing musical theater. The last of the five, Nick Carter, joined Dorough and McLean after showing up for similar auditions. The Backstreet Boys became a real group after Richardson moved to Orlando and invited Littrel to join the four of them, making the quartet a quintet.

By 1994 the Backstreet Boys, named after the Backstreet flea market in Orlando, had signed a record deal with Jive Records. Two years later the group released its eponymous debut album to thousands of fans around the world. The Backstreet Boys' popularity exploded in Europe in that year. Multi-platinum success in continental Europe gave way to a 1997 re-release of the same album for American audiences. The album would go platinum 14 times.

Once again, Jive Records released an international album and an American album. The international album, Backstreet's Back, proved immensely popular in Europe and Canada and the domestic album, Millennium, went platinum 13 times. This boy band had released two diamond certified albums in a row, making Backstreet Boys one of the most successful bands in such a short period of time in the history of the recorded music industry.

As the century turned, the beginnings of a change in the music industry emerged. The Backstreet Boys third U.S. Album, Black & Blue, would still go platinum eight times, but the excitement was quite obviously waning. At the same time the quintet began to quibble with their management, all but Nick Carter that is. Carter stuck with The Firm to release his solo album. Meanwhile the Backstreet Boys filed a law suit worth $75-to-100 million with Jive Records' parent company. The record company began to promote Nick Carter's solo album at the same time of the group's fourth album. Then, McLean admitted to an addiction to alcohol and drugs and the Backstreet Boys were in need of some time off and away from each other.

That hiatus would end in 2005. BSB came out with a new album, Never Gone, but found that things were never going to be the same. Though the album went platinum domestically, their audience had moved on and Richardson left he group in 2006. The Backstreet Boys never replaced Richardson, and continued recording new albums. Unbreakable came out in 2007 and This Is Us came out in 2009. Neither received even a gold certification from the RIAA. Still, the fans remain fervent when BSB heads out on stage.

With the Backstreet Boys joining the New Kids on the Block on the NKOTBSB super boy band tour, the groups will give those fans of boy band ballads a chance to see them live once again. Get your Backstreet Boys tickets for cheap from OnlineSeats to see these guys as they tour the country for another summer in 2011.

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