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Bacilos is a Miami-based Latin rock band. The band was formed in the mid 90's and consists of three students of the University of Miami. The members are vocalist, guitarist Jorge Villamizar from Columbia, bassist Andre Lopes from Brazil, Jose Javier Friere from Puerto Rico.

The multi cultural backgrounds of the band members give this band a unique sound and style. The band's independently released album 'Madera' was released in 1999. In 2000, the band were signed up by WEA and released their self-titled debut album the very same year. The album was a huge success and secured the band a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist.
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Bacilos released their follow up to their debut album with, 'Caraluna' in 2002. the band's guitarist Villamizar has also composed music for Latin Artists like Alejandra Guzman and Fernando Osorio. Catch this hugely talented band in a live performance. Contact your on-line ticket vendor and get the tickets as soon as possible.

Sinverguenza - 2004
Caraluna - 2002
Bacilos - 2001
Madera - 2000
Bacilos - 2000
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