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Bubble machines, baskets of scarves and egg-shakers, a chill-out room (with tents, books and puzzles), diaper changing stations, a full spread of healthy snacks and dancing is the USP(Unique Selling Point) of Baby Loves Disco. Its just not dance but a social event, when parents-children get to spend time with each other.

Baby loves Disco has spread like a wildfire, and now it takes place in over 16 cities. There is no traditional advertising, marketing or publicity of the event. Its through word of mouth and satisfaction of the parents that the event is getting popular.

Baby Loves Disco do go out for private parties but discourage birthday party celebration in their public event.
Sorry, no upcoming events found at this time.
Baby Loves Disco, was born out of frustration of a mother, when she could not find a single place to have fun with her kid, without being flooded with junk food and gifts shop. Heather Murphy is the brain behind this monthly event. It is especially created for children, between 6 months to7 years and their family and friends. Grownup children, friends, nannies can also be invited but again its the parents discretion. As far as the entry is concerned, everybody, except the infants, need to get tickets. The party is for three hours and one can join it anytime during the event.

It is an afternoon dance party where DJs churn out classic disco tunes From the 70s, & 80s. The music, along with ambiance, naturally makes the little ones as well as their parents sway to the music.

The concept is slowly and steadily gaining ground across the country. The hippest night clubs are turning into child proof discos. Toddlers, pre-schoolers and parents looking for a break from their routine life, hit the disco with vengeance.
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