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Baby Bash is a rapper who has created a special place himself in the rap community. His name comes from Mitsubishi, where he used to drive around. He hails from Vallejo, California. His father was an Englishman and his mother was Latin. His father was a heroin addict and so during his childhood he became closer to his uncle who was a music affectionado.

The time with his uncle was his most memorable. His uncle introduced him to all types of music. He grew up being influenced by the local Latin rap scene. During his schooling years, he joined many local groups like Latino Velvet and Potna Deuce. He also got an opportunity to tour with the popular group South Park Mexican. This performance opened many door for this young and talented artist.

After hanging around for a while, he met up with Frankie J. and the Kumbia Kings. He began working with them, through his work he came into contact with producer Happy Perez. Perez gave him the break he needed. He released his debut album on his label. "Savage Dreams" was released in 2001 and included the hit single, "Suga Suga." Suddenly Baby Bash was a star and offers were just pouring in.
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He finally found the perfect deal and signed up with Universal. He issued his major league debut, "Tha Smokin Nephew" in 2003. He released it follow up, "Super Saucy" in 2005. Experience this hot and upcoming rap artist. Contact your on line ticket vendor and get the tickets. Don't miss out!


Super Saucy - 2005
Mènage a Trois - 2004
Tha Smokin' Nephew - 2003
Get Wiggy! - 2002
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