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Autumn Blaze is an annual musical festival that brings together the best in Christian music and also spreads the message of unity, fellowship and Jesus Christ. Amazingly, the festival was started by a few friends in the backyard's of someone's home. Their aim was to listen to and play the music of Jesus Christ. That group of friends just kept multiplying and has reached an astounding 14,000 people. Now that is what you call a following.

The festival is one of the largest youth events in the New York Metro region. The rooster includes the most cutting edge Christian band from around the country It also brings fresh local talent to the Arena main stage. The event is held at the Continental Airlines Arena. Some of the bands that featured at the event are Third Day, The Newsboys and The Cross Movement. It also attracts the best speakers including Ron Hutchcraft.
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Through its noble mission, Autumn Blaze continues to grow every year. It also helps to unite the Christian community in the area. Come and be part of this spiritual experience, as a spectator or maybe a volunteer. Just contact your on-line ticket vendor and get the tickets.
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