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As its name suggests Austin Wranglers is an American football team based in Austin, Texas. This team participates in the Southern Wing of the Arena Football league. Having fans from all across the country this team is fast becoming very popular worldwide because of their sound technique and great accordance among the players. The team is consisted of many star players like Donovan Arp, Tom Briggs, John Fitzgerald, Donvetis Franklin, Bobby Pesavento, Marcus MacKenzie, Dane Krager, John Kaleo, David Hill etc. These players have contributed a lot to the team's spectacular performances throughout the years. Fans are again expecting them to fire in the upcoming 2007 AFL Championship. If you are willing to watch this scintillating tournament featuring many other reputable teams, it's the right time for you to order your tickets. Remember, Austin Wranglers' matches are always a huge rush. That is why it's better for you to order your tickets as soon as possible from us.

The Austin Wranglers are partially owned by Deion Sanders. Sanders, who is a retired athelete joined the team on April 26, 2006. Austin Wranglers' original mascot was Blaze, a horse. In 2005, Blaze was joined by Red Eye, a cowboy. The name Blaze has been also changed to Trigger. Presently both are serving as the official mascots of the Austin Wranglers.
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The Austin Wranglers began to play in the Arena Football League since February, 2004. Frank Erwin Center which is situated on the University of Texas was the place where the Austin Wranglers started playing their home games. The Austin Wranglers came into focus when they accumulated an 8-8 record in the 2004 AFL. Star player John Kaleo was the gem of everyone's eye. It was he who led the roster and went on performing tremendously in its debut year. However, the Wranglers could not keep the momentum up and lost 3 crucial games thus coming out of the tournament.

In 2004 the Austin Wranglers recruited some more players to boost the performance of the team. These players were Bryan Henderson, Ira Gooch, John Fitzgerald. But in the upcoming 2005 season the team could not perform well. The Wranglers had to resort on an unconvincing 6-10 record. Although they encountered in many close matches, nothing was that convincing as far as their earlier records were concerned.

Next was the time when the think tank of the Austin Wranglers deployed themselves in sorting out some solutions for the upliftment of the team. Team presidents Glyn Milburn and Doug MacGregor both made re-signings and signings including in Sedrick Robinson, Marcus McKenzie, Chance Mock, Derrick Lewis, Donovan Arp, Donvetis Franklin, and Damon Mason, the AFL all time leading tackler.

On 7th May, 2006 the Austin wranglers defeated the Grand Rapids Rampage and went on clinching their first ever playoff birth. But things were not all that easy as everyone expected. Their defeat against the strong Philadelphia Soul curtained their mission of progress further.

Team owner Doug MacGregor was very much angry at the dismal performance of the Wranglers. Eventually coach Skip Foster was removed from his post. Many friends were hurt at this decision of Doug. The team managing committee searched for a new face almost for a month. Finally, Brian Partlow, the former coordinator of Colorado Crush was brought into the team to lead it. Brian's entry into the team made remarkable changes. He not only helped the team winning an Arena Bowl straightway but also fired much ignition in the team's attitude. Brian is still the coach of the team. In the forthcoming 2007 AFL, much is expected from him as well as his team. Presently, the team is undergoing rigorous training sessions. Brian is keeping a hawk's eye in the performance of the players. As the countdown for the championship has begun we have started selling our tickets over the Internet. If you want ticket you can buy it from our safe and secure server. We will deliver you the ticket right at your doorsteps.