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The Asylum Street Spankers are a music group from Austin, Texas. The band is well known for its energized sound and mind-blowing beats. The band is fronted by vocalist Christina Marrs and vocalist/washboard player/poet Wammo. The band has garnered a wide fan base over the years. Although the band mostly performs blue numbers from the 1920's and 1930's they also churn out some original material in their live shows. .

The band have a totally different approach to live performances, they perform without microphones and amplifiers. The usually perform numbers by artists like Robert Johnson, Bessie Smith and other traditional, standard blues tunes. The band's remaining members are guitarist Jeff Ross, guitarist Colonel Josh, drummer Jimmie Dean, banjo and mandolin player Pops Bayless, kazoo player Mysterious John and Guy Forsyth, guitarist and saw player Oliver, and bassist Kevin Smith.
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This eight-member ensemble was formed in the early '90s in Austin. The group performed at many gigs and then began to develop their own style of playing. The band became broadly known after it played at the Electric Lounge, which is a bar in Austin. The band never looked back, they took the next step and recorded their debut album for the local label Watermelon Records.

The band issued their next album "Rotten Cocksucker's Ball" and the album got a massive response. This successful launch was followed by the release of their next album, "Spanker Madness," which was released in 2000. The album was another hit and most of the tracks revolved around the merits of marijuana. In 2002, the band released "My Favorite Recorde" under its own Spank-A-Lot Records. To be at their concerts just get your tickets from your on-line ticket vendor.


Spanker Madness (2000)
Hot Lunch (1999)
Live (1997)
Spanks for the Memories (1996)
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