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Formed in 2004 Asobi Seksu is a famous shoegazing rock band. Asobi Seksu formed in New York is a four piece band. Members of band are keyboard and vocals by Yuki, bass by Haji, drums by Mitch Spivak and guitar and vocals by James Hanna. Asobi Seksu which in Japanese means 'playful sex' immediately rose to fame with their first self titled album in 2004. Tickets for their live shows are available with us.

Asobi Seksu released their first album in 2004 entitled "Asobi Seksu". Released on 18th May, 2004 on Fire Friendly Recording it had eleven songs such as I'm Happy But You Don't Like Me, End At The Beginning,
Asobi Masho, Stay, Walk On The Moon, Sooner, Umi De No Jisatsu, Let Them Wait, It's Too Late and Taiyo.
The album was not only acclaimed by fans but was also given rave reviews by New York Times, YRB, Nylon, XLR8R, and Under the Radar. It scored on mtvU's Dean's List a #1 video. The song Walk On The Moon featured among top ten position on CMJ's radio charts. It became very popular in New York City and witnessed
sold out shows at Mercury Lounge, Bowery and Knitting Factory.

For their next album Asobi Seksu formed with a new rhythm section. Album was recorded in Gigantic Studios of New York along with producer Chris Zane. What came out was a fantastic and superb album. Songs in album were sung in both Japaenese and English languages. Yuki and James did full justice to their songwriting abilities. Designer Sean McCabe created a spectacular psychedelic visual aesthetic for the album. It enormously helped in bringing vision of band to life.
Album tilted "Citrus" released on Friendly Fire Recordings on 30th May, 2005. it constituted of twelve songs
Mizu Asobi, Nefi+Girly, Pink Cloud Tracing Paper, Exotic Animal Paradise, Thursday, Lions and Tigers, Everything Is On, Goodbye, New Years, Strings, Red Sea and Strawberries.
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Album was very much appreciated and got lot of rave reviews. Spin wrote " The band does right by its name, pairing Yuki's sweet and girly vocals with lusty guitars that vie for attention over heady atmospherics that recall My Bloody Valentine (a touchstone they willingly acknowledge). The standout track, "New Years" captures that vibe, with Yuki's voice balanced delicately with gritty guitar riffs, before being upturned by interludes of noise rock.".

MTV reported "Asobi Seksu's Citrus: Their name means "playful sex" in Japanese and they've topped mtvU's Dean's List, and if you're in the mood to dream, Asobi Seksu have your number. The group's bilingual, keyboard-laced sophomore disc includes "Pink Cloud Tracing Paper" and "Nefi+Girly" and will fit in comfortably next to your Lush and My Bloody Valentine CDs".

CMJ said "A delicate poise is needed to balance turbulent shoegazer fuzz with sparkling pop confection, and the sophomore album from Brooklyn's Asobi Seksu reconciles the extremes of that dualistic conundrum with fewer stark stylistic contrasts than their first outing, feeling much more lush and organic this time. Yuki's gossamer coo glides effortlessly between English and Japanese and could melt the coldest stone heart. Just as confidently James Hanna's dynamic guitar work sweeps from cascading noise to dreamy, inviting warmth and never diverges from a keen pop perspective".

Prefixmag said "Whereas the debut focused in more on singer Yuki's English and Japanese vocals, her keyboard swoons, and occasionally James Hannah's crushing guitars, Citrus's larger statement is about the grandness of guitar and exactly what Hannah is capable of, given the right budget and production. This is by all accounts his record, with Yuki's swirling keyboards and swooning vocals coming in as a precise contrast and complement. Given the members' proclivity toward shoegaze's wall of guitars, the record could have been a rehash of Loveless-era tone and structure. Instead, Hannah occasionally steps out of shoegaze, and has many effects up his sleeve - most of which are admirably executed".
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