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Artie Lange is an renowned American comedian. He began his career as part of the popular comedy group Live on Tape. He also became part of various other comedy troupes. But it was his association with Live on Tape that landed him the plum role as a regular on Fox's MAD TV.

The success of MAD TV gave Artie the thrust that he wanted. His performance on the show was recognized and he was soon offered a role on the feature film Dirty Work opposite Norm McDonald. This led to a series of movies that included The Bachelor, Lost and Found, Kinka Usher's Mystery Men and The Fourth Floor. His association with Norm McDonald continued as he became a regular on the comedy sitcom NORM.
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Artie then got a chance to appear in the Howard Stern Show and is now a regular. He is currently producing his own DVD, "Arnie Lange: It's the Whiskey Talkin." He has also recently featured on the movie "Old School" and "Elf." He is also a regular guest on the show, "Late Night with Conan O'Brien." Catch this hilarious performer, contact your on-line ticket vendor and get the tickets now!!
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