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Art Brut is a Punk rock band from London, UK. The band's unique name was inspired from the definition of outsider art given by French painter Jean Debuffet. The group have been stacked as part of the Art Wave that includes band like Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party and others from the New Cross locale.

The band hails from South London and consists of vocalist Eddie Argos, guitarists Ian Catskilkin and Chris Chinchilla, drummer Mike and bassist Frederica Feedback. If the band is to believed, they began composing and writing their sings just five minutes after they came together. This brain storming session includes the band's single, "Formed a Band." The song's deep lyrical meaning made it an instant hit and also got the band recognition and praise.
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Art Brut recorded a demo, "Brutlegs"and were signed up by the Rough Trade label. The band subsequently released, "Formed A Band" in 2004. The success the single meant that the band were touring, some of the gigs they played included the Rock and Racism show and dates with up coming bands like Fades and Abdoujaparov. The band released Brutlegs later in the years and also toured consistently over the next year. Get a taste of the band's music, contact your on-line ticket vendor and get the tickets at the earliest.


Modern Art - 2005
Bang Bang Rock & Roll - 2005
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