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Armor for Sleep is about capturing these moments of our lives that are lived in the minutes before sleep completely drowns out our consciousness. We are forced to face our thoughts and at the same time admit that sleep will soon wash them all away. It has become rare these days to find a band that connects a theme or a common thread throughout the lyrical fabric of its songwriting. Singer/songwriter/guitar player Ben Jorgensen bassist Anthony Dilonno and cousins Nash Breen on drums and P.J. DeCicco on guitar, make up the New Jersey rock quartet Armor for Sleep. The songs the band writes are catchy, well-written, presumably very significant to high school students with crushes on girls or boys, and actually are somewhat appealing. After the infectious emotionally charged songs draw you in, the vocals are sure to keep you there. The music is dark and melodic and the guitars explode into melodic phrases along with the lyrics.
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Before the band formed, Jorgensen isolated himself in his room one summer with an acoustic guitar. There he began to pour his thoughts and emotions into music. He recorded two songs for a hundred dollars at a nearby studio. His freshman year of college is where he met the other members and they got along because they shared and soon the e same philosophies on music and friendship. After getting together in college, they began to play small shows and selling homemade copies of their demo. They quickly started a buzz and more and more people started showing up to their shows. They eventually found a small California label to release their debut album, Dream to Make Believe. Equal Vision Records released the album in June of 2003 and it kicked off the group as a promising emo-pop band. Armor for Sleep was soon asked to join numerous tours.
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