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Arc Angels is a blues-rock band formed shortly after the demise of Texas guitar star Stevie Ray Vaughan. The band came together because they felt a sense of service towards Vaughan and wanted to keep his legacy alive. The band consists of bassist Tommy Shannon, drummer Chris Layton, lead singers and guitarists Doyle Bramhall II and Charlie Sexton.

The band's name comes from the initials of the Austin Rehearsal Complex., where the band initially played. The band released their self-titled debut album in 1992. Tracks like "Living in a Dream," "Good Time," "Spanish Moon" and "Sent the Angels" which was a dedication to the late Vaughan. After the success of the album it looked like the band had a promising road ahead of them.

But the gross differences in the band somehow broke through and especially the competition between Bramhall II and Sexton began to surface. Bramhall II 's drug abuse was also becoming a problem in the band especially for Shannon and Layton who has seen Vaughan kill himself because of doping and drug intake. Sadly, the band split by October of 1993 to concentrate on their individual careers.
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Shannon and Layton stayed together as they were comfortable with each other and essentially worked as a team. The two kept recoding and performed on many Vaughan tribute projects. They also worked with groups including one that displayed Vaughan's influence, Storyville. Bramhall II underwent treatment in a bid to go sober. He also continued his solo career and later formed another band with Shannon and Layton in the rhythm department. Catch this great band in a live performance, contact your on-line ticket vendor and get the tickets.


Arc Angels - 1992
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