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Aqualung is a British pop star from Southampton. His real name is Matt Hales. Hales involvement with music began very early on. His parents had a music store in Southampton and he used to listen to the tracks that were played by his parents. By the time he was 16 years old, this young boy got a scholarship and began studying music.

After just one year, he made his debut as a classic artist with a symphony called Life Cycle. Later he formed a band with his brother Ben and played Police's Classic songs. During the early 90's he went to pursue higher studies at London's City University. He then became a part of the British pop band Ruth. The band released Harrison on ARC records in 1999. He then led another band called the 45's - not to be confused with the Atlanta based garage rock revival. He also issued two singles on Universal records.
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This is when he began his work on another musical project called Aqualung. His song "Strange and Beautiful" was featured on the VW Beetle TV ad. Aqualung's debut album and the TV ad premiered at the same time in 2002. He released his next album, "Still Life" in 2003. To get tickets to this concert just contact your on-line ticket vendor.


Brighter Than Sunshine - 2006
Strange And Beautiful - 2005
Still Life - 2003
Aqualung - 2002
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