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The music fades, a hush falls over the crowd, and the pocket watch drops as Anthony Cools begins taking the audience down a hilarious journey at the Anthony Cools Experience at Paris Las Vegas. He plays the part of the leader, but ultimately just how far this comedy hypnosis show will go is up to the sensibilities of the audience. Thus, Anthony Cools tickets are generally best for those willing to endure a little fun at his or her own expense and those willing to let things get a little hot in the building.

Cools, like most great comedians, is from Canada and he has been taking this paradoxically clean and very dirty sense of humor across the world for years now. Yet, his wit has not dulled and he remains as dedicated to each performance as the same man who was once happy to be given a chance to perform in front of just 20 people. Now he invites 250 folks into his theater five nights a week in Vegas. Sin City is such a huge attraction the audience is different night, forcing the hypnotist to remain on his game.

If one is brave enough to volunteer, then the night will be unveiled the next morning on DVD. If one prefers a voyeurism, then get ready for noises normally muffled by drywall in the bedroom communities across the nation. This is performance art at its best, heavy on the raunchy notes and audience participation.

So, sit back and relax and get ready to leave any inhibitions at the door because this is a symbiotic relationship, much like hypnosis. The audience has to be willing to go down rabbit hole and this white rabbit will gladly be the guide, though he is a little more Cheshire cat and Mad Hatter. Still, he carries a timepiece. Vegas Anthony Cools tickets are available for shows on Tuesday and Thursday through Sunday every evening at 9 p.m. for a 90-minute soft core trek through the looking glass.

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