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Anne Hills is one of the outstanding and passionate contemporary folk music's premier vocalists. What makes her unique is the way she selects her unforgettable material and her desire of writing heartfelt original songs. All this attributes have brought her to the position she is now. She has recorded three memorable solo albums. In addition to this, Hills has also collaborated with Cindy Mangsen to produce two albums as well as a trio album with Mangsen and Priscilla Herdman. In the year 1980, she was asked to perform in the folk scene of Chicago. She has also performed with legendary folk singers Tom Paxton and Bob Gibson. Her vocals was also featured on the albums by Jim Post, Michael Smith, Livingston Taylor, Artie Traum and Si Kahn.

Anne Hills was born in India, since she was the daughter of American missionaries, but was raised in Michigan. She attended the Interlochen Arts Academy. While studying in the Academy, she featured as a solo artist with the students band of her school. This band also included Dave Brubeck's son Chris and percussionist Peter Erskine, later of Weather Report. After completing her studies, she moved to Chicago for greener pasture. Hills then helped to found Hogeye Music that was a center for folklore and also a recording label. He first three recordings were- The Panic Is On, which she recorded with Jan Burda, in the year 1982, her next one was Don't Explain, in 1984 and a multi artist Christmas album, On This Day Earth Shall Sing, in 1984. All these albums were released on the same label Hogeye Music. Hogeye's catalog and roster of performers, which included Tom Paxton, Cindy Mangsen, Bob Gibson and Andrew Calhoun, was taken over by Flying Fish.
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In 1988, Hill's released her second album Woman of a Calm Heart that was produced by Artie Traum and Scott Petito . This album reflected her skills interpretation. This album also has personal renditions of songs by Ilene Weiss, Gregory Simon, Eliza Gilkyson, Jack Hardy, Kris Kristofferson and David Roth. In 1993, she came out with her solo album October Child produced by Erskine, she also included some of the songs of Chicago-based songwriter Michael Smith. On her fourth album, Angle of the Light, she emerged as a songwriter as well as a singer, which was released in the year 1995 with eight original songs and also collaborated with Smith "Forget-Me-Not" and harp player Jay Ansill "Lover's Knot".

When Hill heard Mangsen performing on a Chicago radio show, Midnight Special, in the year 1997, it sparked an interest in her and she took in Mangsen as her partner. They performed together in the year 1988 at the Old Songs Festival and they were joined by Priscilla Herdman. The trio released their first album Voices in the year 1990. Their second trio recording, Voices of Winter, followed in 1997. Hills and Mangsen have also recorded two albums as a duo -- Never Grow Old in 1994 and Never Grow Up in 1998. Apart from singing she has also starred in a number of productions such as Quilters, Foxfire and The Courtship of Carl Sandburg. In Brian Friel's show Lovers, she composed, performed as well as sang with Jay Ansill. In "Part of Village", she has rendered her help to produce a multi-artist concert and album, for the benefit of the Carole Robertson Center in Chicago which is a learning program for the needy children and families. In September, 1997, the center awarded Hills for her outstanding service and loyalty.

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