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Andrew was born in Brooklyn, New York, and in the early stages of his career, using the name Andrew Clay, was an actor and appeared in 1980s low budget Porn films. Like Richard Pryor, Andrew Dice Clay began his career as a dirty comedian. Early on when he ran out of jokes, he realized that he could survive by picking on members of the audience. Eventually his style was developed out of this and he became one of the most verbally abusive and confrontational performance artists around. Using violent sexual imagery, joking about beating up stupid women, making fun of queers, and fat people, he was clearly out of control to begin with. After people stopped going to his shows and became sick of Clay, he decided to clean up his act and become a respectable sitcom star. The sitcom flopped and he began selling his CDs through his website. As of 2001, he has a new record label and has returned to the original dirty comedy that made him a star to begin with. When Clay performs, he goes on stage with out a joke in mind. Instead, he just proceeds to pester everybody for 2 full CDs worth of time. Clay then records his acts and releases them on CDs. The 2 CD set The Day The Laughter Died, lasting just under 2 hours, hit the Top 40 Album Chart and is cosidered the first ever comedy concept album. The concept, according to Clay, was to perform "the worst show possible".
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Apr 12 Thu 8:00 PM Andrew Dice Clay Arcada Theatre
Saint Charles, IL
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Even when his jokes are weak, his delivery is spectacular. He doesn't say funny things, he says things funny, in a thick Brooklyn accent. After vanishing from the spotlight for a couple of years, Clay returned in 1995, playing the part of a caring family man in CBS' sitcom Bless This House. Clay claimed that "The Dice Man" was an act and that his role in Bless This House was more like him as a person. The show failed and Clay reverted back to his old tricks of audience tormenting and offensive humour, his audience was smaller than ever and he failed to convert many new fans with the release of his 1999 album, Face Down, Ass Up.
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