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Grab your tickets to see the King of the Waltz, a man who has started a revival in the waltz genre and has made classical music more approachable and accessible to all- it's time to get your tickets to see Andre Rieu live in concert. Rieu is primarily a violinist but his work in the classical and waltz genres has made him an important name in the music field today, as he has single-handedly injected life into two forms of music that usually wore the stamp of 'Members Only'.

Rieu was born into a musical family and began playing the violin when he was five. It was at this early age that he also developed a fascination for the orchestra. After studying under such great teachers as Andre Gertler, Jo Judda and Herman Krebbers, Rieu seemed set for a life of classical music- he even won the Premier Prix at his academy.

What would change his life was when he played the waltz 'Gold and Silver' at University- the way he felt while playing and the reaction it produced were so overwhelming that Rieu knew he had found his calling. In 1987 he formed the Johann Strauss Orchestra, which began with only twelve members and now has over forty. As they toured the world, an international revival of waltz music took place, earning Rieu the title of King of the Waltz.
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Mar 23 Fri 8:30 PM Andre Rieu Auditorio Nacional - Mexico
Mexico City, Ciudad de Mexico
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Nov 24 Sat 8:00 PM Andre Rieu Perth Arena
Perth, Western Australia
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Rieu is also well known for his relaxed concert performances- there is no stiff, expressionless playing here. Rieu and his orchestra enjoy themselves when they play and that is seen in the way they sway, clap and sometimes even jump while playing. The result has been that many people who were previously intimidated by classical music have been drawn in to see his concerts.

Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra have won two World Music Awards and have albums that have gone as many as eight times platinum. His recordings now span a wide genre of music and can be heard on movie soundtracks and plays. Don't miss your chance to see this mesmerizing maestro work his magic on a stage near you- contact your online ticket vendor today and find out hwo you can get your tickets to see Andre Rieu live in concert!

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